Proposal Stories: Nymphenburg Palace – Lucas & Anissa

Planning a proposal can be stressful and intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Here at Forever Faithful Diamond & Jewelry we understand that you’ve got a LOT to plan out when it comes to your proposal. Our goal is simplify and make the process as easy as possible for you. Enter our friend Lucas P., who came into our store with a vision of what he wanted to create for his girlfriend (now fiancee), Anissa. Translating your vision into words is difficult when you aren’t familiar with all the jewelry lingo, but shortly after Lucas sat  down, we were both on the same page. Lucas made finding the stone easy as he new he wanted a quality, cushion cut diamond already. We were able to obtain a near colorless, eye clean, GIA certified 1.25ct cushion cut within his budget, much cheaper than expected…Which Lucas of course loved (us too!). 

Now that we had his center stone and setting designed, we were now able move on to creating the setting. Creating the setting by hand usually takes about 3 to 5 days, but results in a ring that is 30% stronger than cast made rings. When Lucas came back to see the ring, he notified us that there were a couple small changes he wanted to make, such as adding mountains beneath the center stone with blue sapphires at the peaks…no problem! We aren’t happy unless our customer’s are 100% satisfied, so we swiftly headed back to our jewelry makers and made the changes. We were blown away with how gorgeous his ring came out and Lucas was absolutely over the moon about it! Lucas informed us that he planned to propose to Anissa during their upcoming trip to Europe, which we absolutely loved! 

Fast forward about a month and we see on social media that he proposed to Anissa at Nymphenburg Palace in Munich, Germany! Talk about an AMAZING location to propose! Wow, Lucas we tip our hats to you! 

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